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The PP Spun bonded non-woven fabrics manufactured @ A.M. Vinyl find a multitude of uses ahead of regular fabrics as they carry out a large number of functions such as high absorption, liquid repellent properties, flexibility and strength. One of the main uses of these fabrics is in carry bags for carrying lightweight as well as heavyweight items with relative ease.
What is PP Spun Bonded Non-Woven Fabric?
Nonwoven fabrics by definition are fabrics that are made by means other than weaving. There are many ways to bond fibers but they all fall within three main methods: mechanically interlock the fibers, glue the fibers together, or melt the fibers together. The PP Spun Bonded Non-Woven fabric also falls under this category of synthetic fabrics.
Benefits of PP Spun Bonded Non-Woven Fabric:
Some of the key features of this fabric are that it is very eco-friendly, totally nontoxic with anti-bacterial properties, strong and elastic and also very light weight, and also a very effective repellent of water to keep all moisture away from the contents kept inside.
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